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Vegan sandals and open shoes

Summer is on its way or already here, so it's time for vegan sandals or other open-toed shoes that are perfect for your green lifestyle. But what's different about our open-toed shoes compared to other online shops? We don't like loveless mass production where the people involved are treated badly and where the environment suffers. We want shoes with an idea behind them and with sustainable and fair production. We think it's fantastic that our vegan marketplace offers brands that use old car tyres for the soles, that take recycled cotton for the uppers and where vegan sandals are still made by hand.

In the warmer seasons, less is usually more. Light sandals have a flat sole and straps that provide support. However, we also offer models with a higher heel, which is called a “sandalette". If you spend a lot of time outdoors, look for our outdoor sandals. You'll find open-toed shoes for all areas, whether it's a festival or a stroll on the beach.

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Plastic free
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled