Vegan running shoes and gym shoes for women

With our vegan running shoes, you'll not only cut a fine figure on the track, they're also more sustainable than conventional trainers and gym shoes.

Yet again, it's clear that vegan doesn't have to be boring. Whether you need shoes for the gym or for your next 5k, 10k or marathon, you'll find the right pair of running shoes with us.

With our sports shoes for women, you can really get going in the gym, because these are real all-rounders that are perfect for cardio, as well as group sports. What's more, you can be sure that they are completely vegan, but also fairly produced and made from sustainable and partially recycled materials. So not only are you doing something good for yourself, but no one else has to suffer as a result of your consumer behaviour. 

However, not every sports shoe is a running shoe, because running shoes are specially designed to stay on your feet for a long time and to support and hold them during longer runs, but also to ventilate them well. Of course, everyone knows that running shoes have to fit the foot perfectly, but it is often neglected how important it is that the shoes also correspond to the surface on which you run.

This is where the revolutionary technology from Infinite Running, a German company, comes into play. They have developed a vegan running shoe where you can exchange so-called "modules" on the sole and thus optimise the same shoe for different surfaces. This is of course particularly helpful, as it means you don't have to break in a new shoe if you decide to go trail running, take part in a city marathon, or simply complete a forest run.

The different modules are easy to recognise by their colours:

  • Blue: Urban & City - these modules are perfect for runs in the city as they are flexible and therefore cushion well.
  • Red: Meadow & Forest - slightly harder than the other modules and therefore well suited for forests and fields, as they provide you with a secure grip at all times.
  • Green: Gravel & Terrain - soft and flexible to have a good grip on uneven surfaces and to perform safely on rocky terrain.
  • Black: Asphalt / running tracks - the all-rounders that are well suited for sprints on the running track, but also for all other activities.
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