Altercore - Camille Black

Camille Black, vegan sandal by Altercore

Wild, bold and alternative - these words describe the soul of Altercore!
Founded in Poland in 2014, the company has its roots deep in punk and rock culture and focuses on a timeless, clear and robust style with its products.
The name is made up of the English words "alter(native)" and "core" and thus fits perfectly with the style of the shoes.
Altercore is a completely independent brand that always breaks new ground with its styles and stands out from other companies through its design alone. Designing a shoe that is alternative and at the same time suitable for everyday use is a fine balancing act that Altercore masters perfectly!
The shoes are not intended to be mass-produced by machines, but are made by people for people.
When the production facilities in Poland cannot manufacture individual models, they are produced in Portugal and Spain.
Altercore is not a purely vegan shoe manufacturer, but they have created their "Animal Friendly" line out of conviction.
According to Altercore, the vegan shoes are in no way inferior to leather shoes and the breathability of the microfibre used is even higher than that of the leathers used.
Altercore has the V-label of the "European Vegetarian Union" and has had several materials certified there.
If you are looking for vegan shoes with a particularly good price-performance ratio, then take a look at Altercore and see if you can find what you are looking for.

  • Upper material: microfibre, breathable, scratch-resistant
  • Sole: thermal rubber
  • Made in Poland under fair working conditions
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