BIOBOY - Vegan universal cleaner

This cleaner replaces several special products at once, such as scouring milk, floor cleaner, window cleaner, hygiene cleaner and much more. From light soiling to stubborn incrustations, make it easy on yourself while protecting the environment.

This is a vegan product!

Take the special sponge from the can, moisten well, go over the cleaner lightly several times until thin layer on the special sponge, squeeze several times until foam is formed.
- Fragrances
- neutral soap
- clay
- vegetable fats
- glycerin
- without toxins and acids
- skin friendly
- biodegradable

500g tin with soft, fine-pored sponge

With the development of the product BIOBOY it has been possible for the first time to combine all these essential factors in a single product. The trademark is the Brownie. The analytical laboratory Gödl certifies: The product BIOBOY has fully met the requested test in the claimed mode of action.

Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
The criteria are displayed on the product image (hover over them to find out more)
0.5 kg - 39.00 per 1 kg
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