Bloomers - Hose Five Pocket Pistazie

The velveton pants with a narrow leg course at a foot width of 16cm. The Velvetonhose has in front an indicated saddle a small paspelierte plug-in pocket and impresses with its velvety material which guarantees a perfect fit.

Side length with waistband: about 106 cm


Machine wash 30 degrees


- Elastic waist

- Five Pocket


Form: 1172B

Sizes: 34-46

98% cotton KbA
2% elastane

Sustainable benefits:
- Organic cotton
- No pesticides and herbicides when growing cotton
- Ecologically sound and fair production with fashionable design.
- Vegan
- Water-saving technologies in the production.
- Made in Tunisia (GOTS certified)


bloomers - The green way to wear pants.
The idea is to combine an ecologically sound and fair production with a fashionable design. We have set ourselves as a goal to bring all the pants sold under Bloomers full-stage as GOTS on the market. With the GOTS seal of approval, social standards must be met at all steps of the process!
The label name Bloomers is borrowed from the American women's rights activist Amelia Bloomer. She campaigned in the 1850s, among other things, for the reform of clothing and presented the first pants for women. For the time completely unusual and new!


Trust is good - control is better
From raw material to finished pants - the entire textile manufacturing chain is controlled. All suppliers with whom Bloomers works are GOTS certified.


Cotton from Turkey. The state property comes from kbA and is free of genetic engineering No pesticides and herbicides in the cultivation of cotton. Harvested by hand and thus no defoliants used as in conventional harvesting!
For our products we use 100% cotton from kbA
In the kbT wool from Australia complete abandonment of insecticides and pesticides. No preventive drugs or genetically modified feed and hormone to feeding. The sheep have sufficient space on the pasture
Spinning and weaving with economical water and energy consumption. The workers are protected against fiber dust.
The cotton is woven in Turkey and Germany. Linen and wool in Austria.

Care: 40° normal wash, do not dry clean


About bloomers
In 1963, the Hosenfabrik Hanekamp GmbH was founded in Werlte. We are a medium-sized family business that is committed to the quality of our products. Our potential is composed of know-how and competence of our employees, to which we feel particularly committed.The product range covers diverse styles - from classic to sporty. We manufacture in the qualities of cotton to cotton blends to virgin wool and lycra blends.

Clothes Size:
Free from plastics
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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