Crystal and Sage - Japanese Incense Sticks Wakaba

Fine Japanese incense sticks made of young leaves, cinnamon blossoms, cedar, clove, benzoin resin, barks and spices. 

Wakaba - energy of vitality, joie de vivre and balance, a delicate fine fragrance. Expands the sensual consciousness.

Japanese incense sticks are considered to be very high quality incense and are traditionally made in small manufactories without additives only from natural substances. They are not obtrusively flowery, mild and delicately scented. 

Made from young leaves, cinnamon blossoms, cedar, clove, cedar tips, barks and spices.
Pure natural ingredients, fair, vegan, not tested on animals
Special quality and gentle, mild scent of Japanese incense
Without wood core
Net content: 18 g, 22 sticks
Burning time: 60 minutes per stick

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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