Einhorn - condoms Tyrannosaurus

Vegan unicorn condoms environmentally friendly produced in an attractive packaging.
50% of profits go to social projects such as rubber farming in Malaysia and youth education projects.

Packaging Design: Tyrannosaurus Sex BIG

- unicorn condoms BIG come in size 57mm and thus offer comfortable space if the standard unicorns were previously too tight
- unicorn condoms BIG are vegan, animal-free and offer a special bell shape for more feeling
- unicorn condoms BIG come in a unique chip bag, designed with love and recommended by dinosaurs
- unicorn condoms BIG are designed with love and are just as much fun as the standard unicorns

One bag contains:
* 14 grams of condoms (7 pieces)
* Individually packaged
* 1 instruction manual
* Lubricating gel coating (silicone base)
* 57mm nominal width (large size)
* 100% Electronically tested
* Natural colors
* 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia
* Tapped in Thailand
* NEW: Chip bag 100% paper and recyclable
* all information also on the back of the package

Sustainable benefits:
Fair & Social - 50% of profits are invested in fairstainable collaborations.
Recycled & Recyclable - Chip bag 100% made of paper and recyclable.
Resource efficient - Made from 100% natural rubber latex.
Vegan - PETA - VEGAN certified.

About Unicorn Condoms
The goal: A fair and sustainable condom - in a unique packaging. We combine good design for an everyday lifestyle product with fair business.
Our vision: With einhorn sex is not only fun, but you even do something good.

Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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