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unicorn menstrual cup small


If you have so far resorted to the classic products such as tampons, pads and Co. during your period, a menstrual cup may seem a bit alien to you at first glance. But it's really worth giving it a chance. Because the PapperlaCup has some advantages and beams you into new menstrual spheres. We have it in 2 sizes so far! This one is small.

For light to medium bleeding.


Wide: 101 mm
Long: 50 mm
High: 150 mm

: 56 grams

One package contains:
* 1x menstrual cup small
* small cup holds 17ml
* diameter small cup is 39.3mm
* Individually packaged
* 1 organic cotton storage bag

The Top 5 Benefits
100% medical grade silicone.
Great for the environment because you can say ciao to disposable products.
Comes with super chic storage bag.
It's nice and pliable so you won't even feel it.
Good for your piggy bank because the cup is reusable for several years.

Sustainable benefits:
Designed in Berlin with love
Made in Germany
Many years reusable
Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items
100% medical grade silicone
100% vegan
Fair & Social - 50% of profits are invested in fairstainable collaborations

About Unicorn
We our Untenrum offer with nine colorful, sustainable menstrual products to address this taboo, and we've hit a real nerve! Become a part of the period revolution too!

Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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