Einhorn - Tamtampon super 16 pieces

Tamtampon super 16 pieces
You should know that the tampons are a special species among menstrual products. Quiet and discreet was yesterday - it must rattle and crack! You can do this by shaking the package well before opening it. Finally, the Tamtampons are on behalf of the period on the road and everyone should hear that!

It comes in sizes piccolo, normalo and super!
And all are made of 100% fine organic cotton. These here are super.

Wide: 62 mm
Long: 62 mm
High: 122 mm

Weight: 75 grams


One pack contains:
* 30.6 grams of tampons (16 pieces)
* All tampons size super
* Individually packed
* 1 instruction manual
* 100% certified organic cotton
* Store in a cool and dry place
* Hypoallergenic and absorbent


The name says it all: the tam tampons in the size super! Are simply super! From our series, these are the largest tam tampons - it's best to use them on days with heavier bleeding. Speaking of super! Superwoman! Super tampon! An analogy that makes sense. Why, we don't know either. Well... Both are super in any case. We haven't yet tried out whether our tampon is also suitable for fighting crime. But most likely it is. After all, he is super.

The 3 golden tampon rules:
Wash hands before using. (very smart)
Always use the smallest possible size for your particular bleeding level. (also smart)
Change tamtampons every 4-8 hours. (boah, really smart)

Sustainable benefits:
100% Vegan
Designed in Berlin with love
100% certified organic cotton
Made in Slovenia - supports human rights projects in Tanzania
Fair & Social - 50% of profits are invested in fairstainable collaborations

About unicorn
We expanded our Untenrum range with nine colorful, sustainable menstrual products to address this taboo and we really hit a nerve! Become a part of the period revolution too!

Free from plastics
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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