ELLI necklace with brass elephant

E L L I For us, elephants belong only in miniature on the chain.

Chain length circa 23cm (simply measured), elephant very detailed work and made of pure brass. Only there they should be on the chain, as a pretty pendant on our neck.


These great, sensitive, social and beautiful animals are unfortunately too often in captivity. Classically in the countries of origin for tourists, as beasts of burden, as a circus animal & as a zoo animal.


We bleed thereby the heart, you belong to a good life given, without beatings and humiliation in captivity.

We donate per chain sold € 1.00 to @four_paws_international because exactly this organization helps WILD ANIMALS in a better life ♥️.




Care -| Material Note:

Protect your jewelry in that you take it off for showering and sleeping, store it outside damp rooms. Pure brass may be cleaned now and then in a lemon bath.

Low allergy and nickel free. Please always follow our care instructions, you will receive it with your product.

Kette schwarz
Made in Europe
Fair & Social
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