Re-Sack - shopping nets large pack

35 pack fruit and vegetable net the alternative to plastic bag


The Re-Sack is a reusable fruit and vegetable net made of organic cotton. The nets are ideal for transporting food from the supermarket to home and a great alternative to plastic bags.


Another advantage: you can put the re-sack with contents directly into the refrigerator since it is breathable, unlike plastic bags.


Avoid packaging waste with these reusable bags
- Just bring your own Re-Sack bag & avoid packaging waste every time
- The breathable mesh is also suitable for storing in the fridge
- Easy to open and close with the drawstring


35 fruit and vegetable nets

Size: 38 cm x 30 cm
Weight: 41 grams

The nets are made of organic cotton and are machine washable at 30° C as needed. Hang to dry.

100% cotton


Organic cotton (GOTS certified)
100% biodegradable
Free of harmful substances
Produced with fair wages in India

About Re-Sack
Re-Sack is a reusable fruit and vegetable bag made from organic cotton. A great alternative to plastic bags. The idea comes from Sjoerd van der Helm from the Netherlands, who went to the USA after his studies at the Business School in Rotterdam to write his diploma thesis. Inspired by the plastic bag ban in the megacity of Los Angeles, he discovered his passion for reusable products. In January 2011, he launched a distribution company for sustainable products and started with bags made of polyester. But it bothered him that the bags were not made of a natural material. So he decided to look for a manufacturer that produced sustainably. After finding the perfect partner, Re-Sack was born.Sjoerd van der Helm wants it to become a habit to take his own reusable fruit and vegetable bags to the grocery store. We think so too, because Re-Sack is a great contribution to environmental protection!

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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