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Hampley - fair & sustainable vegan backpacks made from hemp

The vegan backpacks from Hampley are not only made from sustainable materials, they are also really stylish. Perfect for your daily use!

For the 2 founders Rafiq and Marvin, sustainability is paramount, but sustainability does not only mean that their backpacks are made from sustainable materials. They pay attention to the built quality in order to make sure that their backpacks are made to last.

Hampley tries to become completely plastic-free and wants to show the benefits or the sustainable and vegan material hemp.

  • Using hemp as the primary material saves more than 80% water
  • No pesticides are used
  • CO2 neutral
  • Extremely tear resistant
  • No microplastic



  • ‎€59.95
  • ‎€59.95
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled