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Vegan shoes are made all over Europe, we carry the best brands and most beautiful models. Whether you're looking for sneakers for women or men, or you prefer boots or sandals, you'll find them here. We stand for carefree shopping, as we are not only vegan, but have also introduced criteria that help you search for products according to your personal preferences. This way you can filter for sustainable and fair trade shoes. You can be sure that all shoes are vegan, as this is our top criterion.

As an online marketplace, we are a platform where manufacturers can offer their vegan shoes, so we can offer you a wide selection. Feel free to take a look around!

What actually are vegan shoes?

Of course, vegan shoes are made without leather and other animal components. However, our shoes have much more to offer! Vegan shoes are more than "just" vegan, because it is about a sustainable and overall fair concept. Sustainability includes the materials used and the durability of the shoes. Fabrics made from organic cotton, recycled nylon or pet bottles are a great alternative to leather. Soles made of natural rubber not only reduce the ecological footprint, but also directly minimise the creation of mico-plastics. The fair aspect includes the manufacturing process and thus the workers involved. Fair payment along the entire value chain is imperative for us. The concept behind good vegan shoes means that they are not only vegan - they are fair and sustainable shoes at the same time.

Vegan shoes made in Europe

Today, over 85% of all shoes worldwide are made in Asia and many of them end up in Europe through imports. However, there has always been a long tradition of shoe manufacturing in Europe as well. Among the largest producers are Italy, Spain and Portugal.

This is exactly where many of the shoes you find here are made. Due to the high share of imports, the shoe industry in Europe is struggling and shrinking more and more. That's why we think it's great and invaluable that many of the production facilities have developed further and now produce high-quality vegan shoes. Vegan shoes in Europe are to a large extent still very much handmade in small factories.

We don't see ourselves as a mere platform, but as a partner of our brands. We like the personal contact, so we get to know the great and exciting stories behind the brands and their ideas. We focus on shoes from Europe, but we also find it important that some of our brands produce in Asia, for example, and show through their comprehensive transparency that fair production is also possible there. If all fair companies produce solely in Europe, the conditions in Asia will not improve. We look forward to each new label and to each new beautiful story behind it.

What can be "unvegan" about shoes?

Naturally, the question arises why vegans do not simply wear sustainable shoes made of cotton, since these should be leather-free and thus vegan. However, even shoes made without leather are rarely vegan. Classic shoe glue contains bone meal and even the colour pigments often have animal origins. Furthermore, fibre remnants from the leather industry are incorporated into woven fabrics. Shoes that are not explicitly declared as vegan are hardly ever vegan. Vegan shoes are not a product of chance, but they exist because they have been deliberately designed as such.

The idea behind veganism is to avoid animal suffering, so vegan shoes are not only about the raw materials used, but also about the entire production process. Unethical production methods destroy the environment and thus also the habitat of native animal species. Chemicals used permanently destroy the soil and plastic soles cause microplastics that put animals at great risk. Vegan shoes are a sustainable overall concept that you can conveniently shop online with us.

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Sustainable shoes can only be vegan


Many shoes are being advertised as ecological and sustainable, many of which are made of leather. We believe that only vegan shoes can be truly sustainable. Apart from the moral question, leather has several downsides. The classic tanning process uses heavy metals that are dangerous for the environment and the workers. Residues are also found in the end product and this can lead to skin irritation. Vegetable-tanned leather is touted as a sustainable alternative. Although this leather is tanned without chemicals, it takes up to 48 months to produce and uses a lot of water. The animal industry is the world's biggest CO2 polluter, so leather, wool and other animal components always have a very poor CO2 and eco-balance. The list of arguments is endless, all the negative consequences of meat also apply to leather and wool.

Öko- und Bio Schuhe

Ja, wir bieten Öko- und Bio-Schuhe an und das möchten wir auch so. Aber das bedeutet nicht, dass diese langweilig und unsylisch sein müssen. Dieses Vorurteil ist bereits lange überholt, denn ob stylische Sneaker oder coole Boots, bei uns wirst Du fündig. Ein grüner Lebensstiel ist unsere Passion, wir verknüpfen Vernunft mit Style, Du brauchst also auf nichts verzichten. Es gibt keinen Grund mehr unethische Schuhe zu kaufen, wenn es uns gibt, Deinen veganen Marktplatz, der Dir einen Online-Shop bietet.

You are against fur and what about leather?


If you are ever asked why you don't want to wear leather shoes but have consciously chosen vegan shoes, pose this very counter question: If fur is not okay in today’s society, then it is not ethically right to wear leather either, because the only difference is that the hair is removed. As with fur, animals are bred specially for leather and also as with fur, animals suffer every day in factory farming. We think that many people are not aware of this, which is why education is so important.

Materials for vegan shoes

Whatever shoes you are looking for, which style and which properties they should have, we have something for you in our selection. The choice of material gives the shoes certain properties. If you want weatherproof, then look for our shoes made from natural rubber or vegan leather. For the warmer days of the year, you can go for vegan shoes made of hemp, cotton or canvas. You can find all these materials in organic quality, from conventional farming and as recycled versions. Take a look around our vegan online shop and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.