Leef - bowl, 17x17cm (6 or 25 pieces) palm leaf

Leef Quadrata palm leaf bowl 17 cm, Signature Line.

Palm leaf disposable tableware from Leef is 100% natural, biodegradable and also produced fairly and sustainably. Our products are suitable for use in oven (up to 180 degrees), microwave or refrigerator and freezer.They are not only environmentally friendly, but also enhance any private or business celebration with their high-quality material and elegant design. The large bowl is ideal for lunch bowls, such as pasta dishes, salads or soups. It comes in a pack of 6 or 25 pieces.

Size: 17cm x 17cm x 5cm

Model1: 6 pieces
Model 2: 25 pieces

Sustainable benefits:
- High quality & noble
- Stable & cut-resistant
- Suitable for refrigerator, oven and microwave (30 min to 180°C, 2 min at 500W) and hand washable

- Palm leaf, the green all-rounder - as a barbecue plate, wedding tableware or decorative bowl
- Works with all foods - hot, cold, greasy, liquid or solid

- Pure natural product, environmentally friendly and without chemical treatment
- All products are 100% vegan - our cutlery is made of birch and coated with vegetable carnauba wax - for a pleasant mouthfeel compared to conventional wooden cutlery
- TÜV-tested and LFGB-certified

- Only disposable tableware based on nature's lending principle
- Natural recycling cycle with maximum eco-efficiency - so disposable becomes circular

- Natural by-product of the arecanut-palm (no connection to the palm oil industry)
- Recycling of the water
- Sustainable packaging with compostable film

- With every plate sold, leef unlimited protects one square meter of rainforest from deforestation

- CO2-saving produced
- Optimized shipping - comparable with truck ride through Germany - thereby resulting CO2 is offset

- Support the financial independence of Indian women: Already over 500 jobs for local women workers
- Long-term promotion of the economy in rural India by working in partnership with local small farmers - under fair and safe working conditions

About leef
In 2014, leef was founded in Berlin out of a deep need to confront the ever-growing mountains of plastic waste.
Disposable tableware made of palm leaf is unbeatable in terms of sustainability and quality - and completely without chemicals, 100% natural and compostable: we use only the already fallen leaves of the areca palm and press it into shape using heat and pressure. Premium by nature! Our palm leaf products are super noble, stable, heat and moisture resistant and cut-resistant - the end for soggy paper plates and the like! At the same time, we produce CO2-saving with local small farmers in India and promote above all jobs for women - with safe and fair working conditions.

Per plate sold, 1sqm of rainforest is also protected. So we want to make together the world plate for plate a little bit better!

Free from plastics
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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