Organic Matcha Premium 30g tin | vegan + broom & spoon

Our organic Matcha Premium is not only an excellent premium beginner variant, but also very appreciated among Matcha connoisseurs. Its fruity notes and rich flavors make it ideal for daily tea ceremony. Likewise, the matcha powder can be used very well in drinks such as cocktails, lemonades or lattes.


Bio Matcha Premium combines many different flavors in itself and thereby provides a round moment of pleasure - gentle, sweet, delicate-bitter and mild. This not only unfolds an incomparable taste, it is also pleasantly digestible. Its bright green color testifies to excellent quality.

You have already gained experience with beginner varieties and want to raise your enjoyment to a new level? Then you should definitely give this Matcha a try.

Ingredients: 100% organic matcha powder


The tea contains catechins as well as carotenes and vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, matcha contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants in the plant world. Because matcha is made from the whole tea leaf, it contains three times more caffeine than regular tea and only slightly less than coffee. But unlike the caffeine in coffee, the caffeine in matcha takes effect over 6-8 hours. The special combination of L-theanines, amino acid and caffeine in matcha can increase concentration and attention.

Our matcha tins are sealed airtight and protected from light to fully preserve the quality and flavor. So Matcha powder is durable for a very long time.After opening the can, however, the Matcha should be consumed as soon as possible, because it reacts easily with atmospheric oxygen and thus loses quality and taste. To counteract this, it is recommended to store the can in the refrigerator.


This article is 100% organic Matcha (control point DE-ÖKO-006) from Japan. In addition, it has been tested for radiation and aluminum content. More specifically, the matcha comes from the prefecture of Kagoshima in Japan. Cultivated according to centuries-old tradition and gently processed on granite stone mills, the Matcha powder is bottled and sealed directly in Japan.

Indispensable for the perfect tea ceremony are bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon. Both you get together in a set at a bargain price.


Bamboo broom

The matcha broom - Japanese Chasen - is indispensable for the traditional tea ceremony. This bamboo broom with about 80 bristles is probably the most commonly used matcha broom. It is equally suitable for all Japanese powdered teas. It can be used to whisk Matcha as Usucha (thin tea, approx. 80ml water per 1g Matcha) as well as Koicha (strong, thick tea, approx. 10ml water per 1g Matcha). It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The chasen are made by hand from a piece of bamboo. Here, an experienced person needs about two hours for the production of a single bamboo whisk from the first to the last step. The piece of bamboo is split again and again with a sharp special knife.

- Material: white bamboo


- Total length: about 10.5 cm

- Diameter handle: about 2.5 cm

- Diameter broom head: approx. 6 cm

- Number of bristles: approx. 76-82


A chashaku is a specially shaped bamboo spoon for dosing matcha powder and is part of every traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It is carved from bamboo and bent into its characteristic spoon shape by hand using steam with great patience. Unlike a metal spoon, a bamboo chashaku does not become statically charged. This allows the matcha powder to glide from the spoon into the matcha bowl with almost no residue.

As long as the bamboo spoon does not get wet, it can be easily wiped with a clean and dry cloth after use. However, if the chashaku got wet and dirty, it should be rinsed under clean running water without detergent, wiped with a cotton cloth and then still air dried. This prevents the matcha powder from sticking to the bamboo spoon.

Matcha green tea powder is completely vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. Bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon are also completely vegan.

The cultivation of bamboo is sustainable and resource-saving due to the low water consumption and the absence of pesticides. Unlike slow-growing trees, the bamboo plant does not die when its culms are cut down but regenerates from the underground widely branched root system. In addition, bamboo is the fastest growing raw material (in the peak up to 1 meter a day) (if accessories are chosen).

With bamboo broom and bamboo spoon
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