Speltex - crib mats millet or spelt 140x70cm

3 cm dotted quilted bed mats (140 x 70 x 3) for baby cradles and cribs
Spelt spelt and millet husks with rubber are free of dust and very resistant in use. The good breathability of the fillings and the easy absorption and release of moisture are permanently guaranteed. They are suitable as especially air-permeable and natural mattress toppers for baby cradles and cribs.

Colors: Natural White, Terra

Model 1: 140 x 70 x 3 cm 5.5 kg millet husks with rubber + 250g reserve bag for refilling
Model 2: 140 x 70 x 3 cm 4.1 kg spelt husks with rubber + 250g reserve bag for refilling

100% cotton
half panama fabric from certified organic farming.

natural white or terra

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Care: The fillings of grain husks become even more supple in use. Due to the processing with natural rubber, they are very durable and largely protected against breaking. In the initial period, they give a little in the filling volume. Supplied the mat with a high degree of filling.

Remove filling:
Would you like to have the mat softer and more yielding, push out some of the filling. Then close the zipper and grab the mat at the opposite end. With a short, vigorous shake, the filling will distribute evenly in the empty area.


Add filling:
To do this, grasp the mat at the corner where the zipper of the zipper is located and shake the filling in the other direction. In the now empty area, you can add filling, for example, with a coffee cup.

For spelt husks with rubber, a double impregnation is standard. The fine millet husks and seaweed already get the maximum protection with impregnation. Fillings with rubber, according to experience, can be used for eight years or more.

Information on durability and useful life
For spelt husks with rubber, a double impregnation is standard. The fine millet husks and seaweed already get the maximum protection with impregnation. Experience shows that fillings with rubber can be used for 10 years and more. In the phase of lying in the filling volume decreases a little and should be compensated according to the desired degree of filling.


The half-shell-shaped millet husks curl up a bit during use, while the elongated-oval spelt husks become somewhat flatter. They are completely preserved by the rubber and do not crumble. Fillings without rubber chafe and break. Lying comfort and air permeability decrease. In the case of mattresses and toppers, fillings without rubber can be a sensible decision if a recurring renewal of the filling is planned anyway or the frequency and intensity of use is very low. Due to the high load in seat mats, fillings without rubber are generally not recommended.


speltex ® organic millet husks were obtained in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007. They are tested by the LACON Institute (state-approved testing laboratory in accordance with EU organic regulations) for their origin from organic farming. The rubber milk comes from an organic fair trade project in South India.


Founder and managing partner Bernd Bleistein has been involved with ecological natural products for 30 years, previously among other things as an organic beekeeper, and for almost 20 years with natural bedding and its raw materials. On all topics related to healthy lying, sitting and sleeping, many valuable feedbacks and experiences from customers, employees, friends and partners have been flowing in since then and stimulate further developments and refinements of the product range.

speltex® natural products are designed to provide you with many years of relaxing lying comfort and a balanced, natural sleeping climate.

Free from plastics
Made in Europe
Co2 neutral production
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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