Weltecke - Organic Jojoba Oil

Weltecke Organic Jojoba Oil
All living things depend on moisture, without this protection they would quickly age and die. Nature has endowed the jojoba plant with a perfect protection that allows it to retain water in the dry areas where it grows. Humans have harnessed this effective moisturizer. Welteckes organic jojoba oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed oil from the first pressing without additives and is obtained by pressing the seed (jojoba nut) of the jojoba bush, which grows for example in Israel, California, Mexico or Arizona.

Contents: 50 ml

Composition: Jojoba oil from controlled organic cultivation

- for facial care
- as a body oil
- as a massage oil
- as a baby oil
- as a bath additive
- as a hair shampoo additive
- as a cream additive
- as a base for plant perfumes
- as a shaving soap (before shaving let it act for some time)

- produced from high-quality raw materials
- manufactured in Germany

About Weltecke:
The company was founded in 1946 by Alexander Weltecke in Soest. The goal was to produce high quality products for body and mind in harmony with nature. From natural means, products are created for the treatment of ailments in everyday life, to strengthen the immune system and for soothing relaxation. Since September 2014, Weltecke has been covering its own energy consumption with the help of a photovoltaic system and feeding the local power grid with the surplus.

Made in Europe
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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50 ml - 25.00 per 100 ml
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