Werkhaus - Reusable Advent Calendar Box

Werkhaus Reusable Advent Calendar Box
What is under the lid today?
With the integrated number wheel, you reset the date every day and fill the Advent calendar with nuts, tangerines, warm socks and other small homemade gifts - every day a new surprise for the recipient.
This is the most sustainable Advent calendar ever, because it can be used again every year!

The Werkhaus Advent calendar box is delivered flat-packed and assembled by the WERKHAUS plug-in system as easy as child's play. Without decoration.

Dimensions: 16 × 16 × 9 cm (H × W × D)

Sustainable advantages:
- 100% Made in Germany
- Innovative products
- Ecological claim
- Social responsibility
- renewable raw material wood
- stable and environmentally friendly
- Made with green electricity

As a base material is crushed wood of domestic tree species from recycling and thinning (MDF) in E1- quality. In the packaging, attention is paid to environmental friendliness. Some parts of the packaging can be used elsewhere. The minimum packaging for the product is shipping and storage saving.

Pollutant-reduced manufacturing
For the treatment of the surfaces, we use only natural color concentrates, waxes and oils that are absolutely non-toxic and therefore suitable for toys.

Fair & social
In the WERKHAUS team, employees from more than ten nations, eleven trainees and 15% people with disabilities work together.

Recycled & Recyclable
All Werkhaus products can be easily composted or thermally used after use.

Made in Germany
The Werkhaus products have been awarded design prizes and are manufactured in Germany.

WERKHAUS products are very stable and durable. Due to the original WERKHAUS plug-in system, they can be easily dismantled, flat packed and reassembled.

About Werkhaus
At Werkhaus, we have now been plugging together for 25 years. Employees and products. The plug-in system is as current as never before and surprises with always new ideas. Whether DIN-A4 trays, sales displays, photo stool or pen box at Werkhaus function and optics enter into a symbiosis.
Since 1992, Werkhaus GmbH, based in the Lüneburg Heath, manufactures environmentally friendly, innovative products for the office and home, as well as displays and optical toys.

Free from plastics
Zero waste
Made in Europe
Fair & Social
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