Zaqq Barefoot - Sparq Pinatex

Zaqq Barefoot - Jaq Black, vegan barefoot shoes

Our feet have developed over millions of years, the muscles, tendons and joints form a complex structure. Good barefoot shoes take this into account and allow natural walking, thus reducing back problems and preventing suffering. A shoe with large volume in the front area gives the ball of the foot and the tips of the toes enough room to expand naturally when walking. A flat zero-heel sole ensures the mobility of the ankles and prevents malpositioning of the entire body. The slight cushioning of the vegan Zaqq shoes is easy on the joints and provides a great walking feeling.

The special sole: It consists of 100% natural rubber and is therefore free of plastic. There is therefore no microplastic when the sole is worn!

Details of the vegan barefoot shoes:

- One shoe weighs only approx. 200g

- Hand-sewn 3,9mm sole

- Double seams for extra durability

- Extremely flexible and comfortable material

- Individual shape for men and women, therefore optimal fit

- Zero heel sole

- The adhesive is free from solvents

- Upper material : Pinatex (Pineapple leather)

Information about the production:

- German production in Leipzig

- Sole replacement possible when the sole has worn out

- Each pair is unique due to the handcraft

- Free from metal parts

True to size
Hemp & organic cotton
Made in Europe
Organic raw materials
Fair & Social
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Hersteller: Zaqq Veganer Barfußschuh "Sparg Pinatex"
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