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We are a purely vegan marketplace, so you will only find vegan products for your green lifestyle. Veganism is our passion and our highest criterion and must be fulfilled by all products. So if you are looking for an all- vegan online shop, then you have come to the right place.
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Plastic free

This criterion is met by products that are 100% plastic-free, that do not contain plastic and are packaged without plastic. We offer products without microplastics. You can shop completely plastic-free with us.
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Zero Waste

Zero waste products are designed to create little to no waste in the manufacturing process and to use resources sustainably. Furthermore, the product, as well as its packaging need to be fully recyclable / biodegradeable. If you’re looking to buy zero waste online, make sure to check us out.
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Made in EU

Fair trade is an important criterion for us. Made in Europe stands not only for good quality, but also for being able to buy fairly and socially. In Europe, high standards in terms of working conditions are ensured, making these products a perfect fit for your vegan lifestyle. Made in Europe means shorter transport routes and therefore less CO2 emissions, which makes fair fashion sustainable. Let our fair trade products convince you and discover what a fair trade shop has to offer today.
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Eco & Natural

Products with this criterion come from certified organic agriculture. Whether organic cotton or natural fashion, you can find your new favourites online, in our Eco-Shop. Slow fashion is not just a trend, but the future for ecological and sustainable fashion.
All organic products

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Low CO2

This criterion comprises two approaches. Along the entire value chain of products, care is taken to produce as little CO2 as possible and any CO2 produced is compensated for by carbon offset projects. With us you can find CO2-neutral products and even climate-positive products online. Minimise your carbon footprint with us.
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Fair & Social

We are into fair trade clothing! This criterion refers to a socially responsible manufacturing process and at the same time to the fair trade of the raw materials used. You can find the relevant fair trade seals of approval and fair trade certificates on the pages of the fair fashion products. Let our fair trade brands inspire you.
All fair & social products

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Recycled / Upcycled

Recycled / Upcycled means that materials are reprocessed to make new recycled products. For example, recycled PET bottles are used to produce yarn for shoes and clothing. Upcycling is the process of using old items that are no longer usable to create new products. So we are not only your online marketplace for vegan products, but also your online shop for upcycling and recycling.
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