Ethical vegan children's toys and sustainable accessories

A vegan lifestyle is not just about nutrition, but showing compassion and kindness to everyone around us. Naturally, most people want their children to also adopt these values and to grow up as kind and empathic human beings. The best way to do so if of course to lead by example and show your child from a young age that no person nor animal needs to suffer or be exploited for our personal gain.

It is however not just about what we teach children, but what they teach themselves during playtime. In order to encourage proper development and to promote imagination and creativity, kids need to be challenged and kept engaged. This is where our sustainable vegan toys for children come into play. Not only are they lovingly crafted under ethical & fair working conditions, they are also free from harmful substances and materials like BPA, solvents, lead and phthalates.

It is imperative that children's toys don't contain hazardous and toxic substances, as they will negatively impact and stunt the development of the child. For this reason, our eco friendly toys are made only from natural ingredients and don't contain harmful substances. Our plushies for babies for instance are made from organic cotton whereas the wooden construction sets or building blocks are from natural, untreated wood from responsible forestry and the colours used are also completely harmless.

The same goes for our sustainable accessories, as they get into contact with your child's skin and must therefore not be irritating. Our selection of sustainable and ethical cuddly blankets and hats are for example made purely from organic cotton and not from wool, which makes them vegan, as well as super soft and warm. We even have pacifiers made from natural rubber, so you can rest assured that they don't form nitrosamines or nitrosatable substances upon contact with saliva like pacifiers made from synthetic rubber and silicone.

Of course we also have thought about our smallest ones, because you can't start early enough to protect your child. Which is why we have ecological and sustainable diapers and nappies for your baby. The different sizes range from newborn (2-5kg) and mini (3-6kg) to midi (5-9kg) and maxi (7-18kg), all the way to junior (12-15kg) and XL (15-30kg). These eco friendly diapers are a lot more environmentally friendly and sustainable that conventional diapers as they are made from renewable materials from certified sources and are almost entirely biodegradable.

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