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Explore our wide range of vegan shoes for men and women on Our shoes are not only vegan but many of them are also made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled materials such as old PET bottles or old fishing nets that have been recovered from the ocean. If you're looking for circular fashion, we've also got you covered - Check out the incredible espadrilles by Seads for example. They are made from recycled ocean plastic and can be fully recycled again at the end of their life.

If it is fair fashion and sustainable, innovative materials you're after, our vegan shoes are the right choice for you. And if you would like a stylish vegan handbag to go with your new pair of veggie shoes, make sure to check out our vegan bags.

We pay close attention to fair working conditions and production processes as we are against the exploitation of workers as much as we are against the exploitation of non-human animals. That's why a lot of our shoes are produced in Europe. Here workers get paid fair wages while also adhering to high standards of safety. A great example of what amazing Portuguese craftsmanship looks like are the ethical &sustainable shoes by Nae.

In fact, a lot of vegan shoe labels produce in smaller batches and, taking advantage of the know-how and the craftsmanship of Italian and Portuguese shoemakers. So not only are they fairly produced but they are also of the highest quality you can get. The sneakers by Risorse Future for instance are made in Italy, from innovative materials like corn leather.

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