Nae Vegan Shoes
NAE Vegan shoes

Nae - vegan shoes and boots made in Portugal

For years, the Portuguese shoe brand Nae " No Animal Exploitation" has been an integral part of the vegan shoe market and it is hard to imagine it without it. The corporate philosophy of Nae strives for ecological, sustainable shoes that are produced under fair working conditions. Founded in Portugal in 2008 by Paula and Alex, NAE is a pioneer of the vegan lifestyle. After Paula, one of the co-founders of NAE, went vegan, the shoe lover started looking for ethical alternatives. At the time, however, the market was virtually non-existent, so she decided to create her own vegan shoe brand.

The materials used by NAE in the beginning were already environmentally certified. However, this is not enough for NAE and they are always working on using new ecological materials.

Today, natural materials such as cork, pineapple leaves, linen and cotton are used, as well as recycled alternatives from PET bottles, car tyres and airbags, for example.

This is how NAE describes itself:

"We are NAE vegan shoes (No Animal Exploitation), a Portuguese vegan brand of shoes and accessories. We offer fair, animal-friendly and sustainable alternatives that respect the environment. We are focused on making vegan products not only with natural and ecological materials, but also with a good design and durable quality. All the products we make are ethical and designed for everyday comfort."

All shoes and accessories are made in Portugal. Find all models online with us.



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Made in Europe
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