Who are we and why for vegans?

Let's start with how we came up with the idea for our vegan marketplace for vegans. We ourselves live vegan and know the typical procedure when we want to shop for vegan products. Search engines are used, then the struggle begins to find a suitable site that offers what we are looking for, always with the fear in the back of our minds "please let the product be vegan". This is exactly the kind of time-consuming search process we don't want, we wanted a site that shows us all vegan products and conveniently for all areas of life. Over a beer, we came up with the idea of creating just such a platform and the work began.

Of course, our convenience is not the only reason why we founded for vegans. As trite as it may sound, we want to make the world a little bit better. The vegan idea is very close to our hearts and we think that veganism will also grow if there are more and more alternatives and if they are as easy to reach as possible. We are looking forward to the next years with you and we are happy to see veganism grow further. Across all borders, we as a community!