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Questions regarding veganism

What is a vegan?
All vegans follow a plant-based diet, avoiding all kinds of animal products (this includes insects, (shell)fish, bivalves and of course meat, dairy, eggs and honey).
But it doesn't stop there, because vegans also avoid other animal-derived products such a leather or wool but also products tested on animals and don't support businesses that exploit animals for entertainment purposes. Basically, it's not a diet, but a lifestyle avoiding harm as much as practically possible.
That's the difference between being simply plant-based and vegan.
Are vegans better people?
Absolutely! - At least from the animal's point of view.
In general, though - not necessarily, vegans simply try to suck less.
Ask yourself this though: In this day and age, where you have a choice when it comes to your buying behaviour, why would you choose violence over vegan alternatives? Isn't it always better to be kind?
Where do you get your protein from?
Actually, the same place non-vegans & animals get it from: Plants.
With the exception that vegans don't need to go through the middleman (or middleanimal). Not only is this much better for the animals as they don't get exploited and ultimately killed, but far fewer calories are wasted, so it's also better for the environment. And lastly, it's also much healthier as very little saturated fat and absolutely 0 cholesterol is ingested.

The same applies for calcium btw.
Don't plants feel pain too?
We are well aware that this question is generally asked to provoke rather than to get a serious conversation going, but in an effort to educate, we're gonna answer.


Plants do have the capacity to respond to exterior stimuli, but one thing plants lack is a central nervous system. One other factor in all this is the fact that a lot of plants, such as fruits, are meant to be eaten so that their seeds are spread and new plants can grow from them.
Besides, let's for a minute imagine that plants do feel pain, wouldn't it make more sense to minimise suffering by eating the plants directly instead of feeding them to animals, where at the end only 1/16th of calories is left?
Isn't Vegetarian enough? Why Vegan?
Vegetarians still contribute to the needless suffering and killing of animals. All dairy cows and all egg-laying hens will inevitably be slaughtered after only a fraction of their natural lifespan. In addition to that, 99% of the time, their already short lives are spent in absolutely horrific conditions.

Also, when you have decided to go vegetarian, you probably have spent some thought on this, so why not finish that thought and avoid all animal products, instead of just choosing to spare a certain selection of animals?
Is going vegan hard?
The simple answer: No.
All it takes is some getting used to. It's all a question of habits, because remember you have been conditioned to eat and live in a certain way for all your life, so of course it's gonna take some adjustment.
But in this day and age, it is easier than ever and there's vegan alternatives for all the things you would normally buy.

If you need help with the transition, check out our friends over at Challenge 22 (it's completely free). Here, mentors and dietitians answer all your questions and offer support for a duration of 22 days during which you will try to be completely vegan. After that time, it'll have become the new normal.
N.B.: Every single vegan we know agrees that their only regret is not doing it sooner.

Questions regarding products

Are all products in the shop vegan?
Yes, that's exactly what we are here for! We offer you a purely vegan range.
Why do you use these criteria?
Our criteria serve to give you a clear and quick overview of the features of the products. In this way, you can search specifically for the products that meet your expectations.
What materials are used?
There are countless amazing and sustainable vegan materials. You can see the respective materials on the product pages.
Are all products produced under fair conditions?
We do not accept products that are produced under undignified conditions. However, not all products offered through us can have fair trade labels, as there is no such label for products from Europe, for example.
Which size should I choose?
If you are not sure which size you should choose, please write to the respective vendors directly, they will help you! On the item pages you will find a link to easily contact the vendors.

Questions regarding Orders

Who bears the shipping and return costs?
The shipping costs are displayed on the item pages. Please check whether the correct delivery location is indicated.
The vendor's terms and conditions stipulate who covers shipping and return costs; you can also find this information on the item pages.
When will I receive my order?
You will automatically receive an e-mail with the corresponding tracking link once the package is on its way to you. If you have not received an email, please contact the vendor directly.
(Please note that it might take a few days to get your order ready for shipping.)
Where can I enter a voucher or discount code?
You can enter your voucher or discount code in the shopping cart, this is the first step of the ordering process.
What do I do if I have questions about my order?
Feel free to write to us directly or to the respective vendor, we're happy to help!
How can I return an item?
In the box you will find information about the return procedure. If you don't find any information there, please check the vendor's terms and conditions or write to them directly.
How long can I return an item?
You have the right to return items within 14 days of receipt (without giving reasons). You are welcome to write to the vendor if you would like to agree a different deadline.
Do I automatically get a refund for returns?
Please check the terms and conditions of the vendor or write to them directly. You will find a link to the terms and conditions on the respective product pages.

Questions regarding Complaints

Under what conditions can I file a complaint about a product?
This question can only be answered using a little "legal" jargon. If products are not of acceptable quality in the way one would usually expect them, then you can file a complaint.
How we handle it: If you are not satisfied, feel free to write to us or the vendor directly, we always try to find solutions.
How can I file a complaint about a product?
To do so, please go to Orders in your customer account. You will find the option to file a complaint in the respective order. The vendor will then automatically contact you.
Will I receive a replacement?
Please discuss with the respective vendor how your complaint should be handled. In case of doubt, you can also contact us directly.

Questions regarding gift certificates / discount codes

Where can I buy gift certificates?
Please click on this link.
Where can I enter a gift certificate or discount code?
You can enter your gift certificate or discount code in the shopping cart, this is the first step of the ordering process.
How long is the gift certificate valid?
Gift certificates are valid for 8 years.
How do I receive the gift certificates?
After the purchase, the voucher will be sent to you or the recipient, either by e-mail of via post.

Data protection

Where can I find the privacy policy?
Please follow this link.
How can I take a look at the saved data?
You can request the data stored about you at any time. To do so, go to your customer account under Profile details.
How can I delete my customer account?
You can delete your account at any time and have all data anonymised.
To do this, go to your customer account under Profile details and select the corresponding option.

Become a vendor

How can I sell products through For Vegans?
Please visit our information page for vendors.
You can get there directly by clicking here.