Make a vegan Statement with Sustainable Jewellery

You want to make a statement with a fashionable piece of jewellery, but you don't want to compromise on sustainability and ethics? Then you've come to the right place. In our shop you will find only fairly produced jewellery that is completely free of animal components and therefore 100% vegan.

Instead of pearls and diamonds, you will find cork, for example. Yes, that's right, we have jewellery with cork. Take a look at the stylish jewellery by one of our favourite brands: KAALEE - a young German start-up that has set itself the goal of creating timeless jewellery that is also sustainable.

Minimalism is the keyword here, because the simple round, triangular and square shapes make the jewellery a perfect match for any vegan outfit, especially because the cork inlays are available in all kinds of colours and can therefore be combined wonderfully.

Browse through our range of bracelets and bangles, they are a perfect addition to a chic outfit and can add the finishing touch of luxury bling.

If you're looking for something a little more elegant and precious, you can always go for an eye-catching necklace or a fairly produced necklace with crystal pendants from Crystal and Sage, which not only look great, but also radiate good energy.

If it's German craftsmanship you're looking for, make sure to check out the exquisite works of art by Alma Fairfashion & Schmuck. The quality handmade vegan creoles she makes by hand in her studio in Frankfurt, are one of a kind.

Rings are of course always a good choice, especially if they are more sustainable than conventional jewellery. Many of our fair rings are also adjustable, so you can offer them as a gift without worrying that they won't fit.

If you are more into recycled fashion jewellery, then we have something very special for you, namely the small jewellery label Upcycle with Jing from Helsinki, Finland.

Jing painstakingly handcrafts jewellery from old plastic bottles that she collects herself on the streets of Helsinki and then upcycles them. Whether gold or silver, floral shapes or something more unusual such as wood, you're sure to find what you're looking for here. Especially when it comes to earrings, the selection is huge. The brooches and hair ornaments are also eye-catchers thanks to their special design.

To sum it up, sustainable jewelry is considered better because it is made with environmentally responsible and ethical practices, such as using recycled materials, fair labor practices, traceable supply chains and minimal waste. It also has a lower carbon footprint and helps to preserve natural resources. Additionally, sustainable jewelry often has a positive impact on local communities and economies.

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