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Welcome to your new vegan marketplace!

We want to unite the best and most amazing vegan brands from all over Europe on one platform. You should no longer have to use search engines when you are looking for something vegan, but be able to comfortably look around here. Let's overcome borders together! There are great vegan products for all areas of life. When it comes to choice, we are mostly limited to our region and therefore cannot know all the fantastic alternatives that are produced all over Europe.

Here you will find many small businesses, real people and families with a passion for vegan products. Our online marketplace is more than just software on servers, it is a sustainable European community that will discover new products together and support sustainable brands. You will only find vegan products here, furthermore we have introduced our criteria to provide you with a transparent and enjoyable shopping experience, where you can easily pay attention to the criteria that are important to you personally. Our marketplace is our passion and our small contribution to a better world and we're glad to be able to welcome you here.

One platform for all!

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a social development, as the negative effects of our actions are becoming more and more noticeable. Whether it is climate change or the current extinction of species, all these changes make it clear how important sustainability is. Vegan products are the best choice for this, as animal products have a poor eco-balance. Our marketplace for vegans is therefore not only for people who already live vegan or are on their way to do so. We are a platform for all people who are interested in the environment and want to live more consciously. Let's all consume more consciously together and minimise our ecological footprint.

About the founders

We ourselves live vegan and therefore know the typical procedure when we want to browse for vegan products. Search engines are used, then the struggle to find a suitable page begins. We don't want this time-consuming search process, we wanted a site that shows us all vegan products and conveniently for all areas of life. Of course, our convenience is not the only reason why we founded for vegans. As trite as it may sound, we want to make the world a little bit better. The vegan idea is very close to our hearts and we think that veganism will also grow if there are more and more alternatives and if they are as easy to reach as possible. We are looking forward to the next years with you and we are happy to see veganism grow further. Across all borders, we as a community!

      We're growing!

We want to offer you only well-filled categories so that you always have a great choice, no matter what product you are looking for. We will gradually release new categories whenever the previous one is already well filled. So it will take a few months until we cover all areas of life completely, but this way you will have direct access to the best vegan products from all over Europe!

Visit us regularly, you will always find new brands and selections.

Our goals for the coming weeks and months:

  • Extensive vegan range for all areas of life

  • we will look for new great brands and products for you

  • as soon as our catalogue is up and running, we offer a free app

Feel free to follow our Public Roadmap – here you can see what is currently in the planning stage and which ideas we will realise in the near future.

Marketplace concept & ordering process

As a marketplace, we are a platform where various brands and retailers can offer their goods. All products that you see on our website are vegan and are only shipped from Europe in order to keep delivery distances short. Furthermore, we have introduced various criteria that help you to pay attention to exactly what is important to you personally. Whether it's fair production or CO2-minimised production, you'll find sustainable products that are not only vegan, but always offer at least two other advantages.

Order process: The shipping costs are displayed directly on the item pages so that you can shop transparently and there are no "hidden costs". When you add products to your shopping cart, they are displayed separately by retailer. But of course you can easily pay everything together. Orders from different retailers are sent in separate packages. Each retailer sends you a tracking link as soon as the package is on its way.

Returns: All products have a 14-day return policy, unless otherwise stated on the product page. For example, the return policy may vary for perishable goods and hygiene items. Information on return and refund options can be found in the vendor section of the item pages, as these features vary from vendor to vendor. If a product doesn't fit or you don't like it, you can simply request a return in your customer account and the retailer will send you an email with the next steps.

Our criteria

We are your online marketplace for vegan products. We have introduced our criteria to provide you with a transparent and pleasant shopping experience, where you can easily pay attention to the criteria that are important to you personally. All products offered on our marketplace meet at least three of the following criteria. On the respective product pages you can see which criteria apply to the individual products.


All products offered by us are vegan! Veganism is our passion and our highest criterion and it must be fulfilled by all products. Products are vegan if they do not contain any animal ingredients and no live animals or animal products are used in their production. Since this criterion is fulfilled by all products, we do not show this on the product page under the criteria each time in order to give you a quicker overview of the other criteria.

Fair / Social

Fair and social are two different approaches that we have combined under this criterion. Fair includes the working conditions of the employees as well as the rights and treatment of all people involved. The creation of fair products is not only about the production, because that is only the last step. From the cultivation of raw materials to their processing and transport, all areas along the value chain must be fair and transparent for products to receive this label. Social aspects go beyond that which is merely fair. These include, for example, projects that are supported with the purchase or companies that donate a certain part of the proceeds.

Made in Europe

"Made in Europe" not only stands for good quality, but also for fair production, as high standards in the area of working conditions prevail in Europe. "Made in Europe" ensures shorter transport routes and thus lower CO2 emissions. We only accept brands and retailers that ship from Europe, we don't want any unecological imports from third countries for individual packages. We want to offer you the best vegan products from all over Europe. Our wish is that you browse our marketplace and are happy to finally find the one vegan alternative you have been looking for.

Eco / Natural

Products bearing this criterion are grown without herbicides and pesticides, and no chemical pesticides are used in their further processing. Retailers commit to not use any chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment for this criterion. Organic certificates are not available for all natural raw materials. Cotton, for example, is certified, so only organic cotton gets our label. However, there are natural materials like hemp and raffia for which there are no international certifications yet. For these raw materials, we rely on our vendors, with whom we are always in contact, and we check every single item before we offer it through our vegan marketplace.

Recycled / Upcycled

Recycling refers to the process of reprocessing discarded products to make new goods. For example, recycled PET bottles are used to make yarn for shoes and clothing. Recycled products are valuable to the planet in two ways. Firstly, it does not create new waste and litter, and at the same time it actually removes waste from the environment. Recycled products have the best eco-balance as they use less water and energy in the process and produce less Co2, even compared to organically grown raw materials. Upcycling is the process of using old items that are no longer usable to create new products.

Low CO2

This criterion for minimising CO2 involves two approaches. Along the entire value chain of products, care is taken to cause as little CO2 as possible. This includes the cultivation of raw materials, their processing and the production of the goods as well as their transportation. Many products cannot be manufactured completely CO2-neutral, which is where the second approach comes in. The CO2 produced is compensated by projects, for example through climate projects or the cultivation of trees. Experts all over the world agree that we are changing the world's climate through our actions, and in a way that will be dangerous for everyone. We all need to consume consciously to minimise the negative impact of our actions.

Zero Waste

Zero-waste products are designed to create little to no waste in production, the product itself and the packaging, and to use resources sustainably. Furthermore, it is about a recycling concept, waste from production is reused and possible packaging should also be recyclable or still be usable when the actual product has been used up. The aim behind Zero Waste is to protect the environment and make it more waste-free. Many things, such as make-up and shoes, cannot be offered without packaging, so the aim is to minimise the amount of plastic and to use recyclable raw materials.

Plastic Free

This criterion is met by products that are manufactured 100% without plastic, that do not contain plastic and are packaged without plastic. Products that are awarded this label also do not contain microplastics. This criterion is therefore about a plastic-free overall concept. Plastic is a valuable raw material that makes sense for many products, but these goods should be durable and recyclable. If you would rather do without plastic altogether, then filter comfortably according to this criterion.