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Ecowings - backpacks and accessories made from recycled materials

Ecowings is a fair trade brand founded by Kapil Sharma in India in 2011. His love for conservation and upcycling inspires him to design and produce unique bags and accessories together with 20 local artisans. His wife Uma Sharma is responsible for the business and marketing in India. Ecowings works in a socially and responsibly responsible way: the brand aims to give the economically weaker section of the rural population around Indore the opportunity to find work. They help them to develop their skills by supporting the population in practical and social issues and by showing them how upcycling can have a positive impact on the environment in their own living space. The products focus on using old car tyres, which are otherwise often burned, releasing pollutants into the environment. This material is super robust, durable and every purchase does something good for the environment. Since 2014 Ecowings also offers their products in Europe, we are happy to carry these great products. If you are looking for upcycling products and like upcycling backpacks, then take a closer look at Ecowings. Our Ecowings products are shipped from the Netherlands.



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