Vegan women's shoes, sustainable and fair

With us, you'll find a great selection of vegan shoes for women that are made fairly and with sustainable materials. We only include sustainable brands that meet our criteria. So you can comfortably shop according to your personal preferences by searching for the vegan shoes that suit you.

Find your sustainable style!

What do you fancy - do you prefer Pinatex sneakers or apple leather boots? As a vegan marketplace, we carry many different brands, so you won't just find one style with us, but can choose from vegan sneakers, sustainable boots and fair trade loafers. Feel free to browse our vegan products online and be amazed by the variety!

Spring and summer:

For the warmer days of the year, you can find vegan summer shoes here. Especially airy are vegan espadrilles and fair ballerina made of cotton. This upper material is very breathable and therefore your perfect companion that won't make you sweat. Cotton is hypoallergenic and therefore also suitable for those who are sensitive to artificial leather. Alternatively, you can wear open-toed shoes, vegan sandals made from recycled PET bottles or organic materials will certainly look great on you. If you like to go for walks, why not try vegan walking shoes, which offer you a secure grip.

For the cold and wet days:

For rainy days, we especially recommend shoes made of vegan leather, as they are completely waterproof. The imitation leather used by our vegan shoe brands is absolutely high-quality and therefore breathable. Whether for autumn or winter, you'll find sustainable women's shoes that are weatherproof and robust. If you like it especially cosy, then lined boots are the perfect choice for you.

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