Vesica Piscis
VPF VEsica piscis footwear

Vesica Piscis Footwear - sustainable vegan shoes from Spain

Vesica Piscis Footwear (VPF) is arguably the most sustainable of all the shoe manufacturers we know! The company was founded in 2016 in the Spanish city of Elche with a Kickstarter campaign. The founder is a shoemaker and lives vegan, so the idea to combine her passion for veganism with her profession was born.

The term "Vesica Piscis" has several meanings. It has mathematical, religious and mystical applications. Vesica, however, means the geometric meaning and thus refers to nature.

The whole concept is perfectly thought out, only sustainable materials are used, the cotton is recycled, the soles are made of natural rubber, and the production is in Spain. They also use recycled polyester (PET), recycled PU foam and recycled rubber. Their motto is "Ethics first, then aesthetics". This sentence means that they first look at which materials and procedures can be worked with as sustainably as possible and then align the shoes accordingly.

The entire process of creating the shoes aims to use as few resources as possible. For example, the shoe boxes are designed in such a way that, due to their small size alone, 66% of the required loading space can be saved, which means that the environment is less affected by lower CO2 emissions. Vesica's artisanal manufacturing process does not pollute the environment, but saves over 80% of the energy compared to conventional industry.

Another special feature of VPF is that they have their own production facility and do not work with a shoe factory. This also allows them to design the entire manufacturing process according to their high sustainable standards. Vesica only works with suppliers that are GOT, GRS and FSC certified. They themselves have the Peta-Approved-Vegan seal and others for sustainable production. Vesica Piscis donates 1.5% of its turnover to the animal rights organisation "NGO LIBERAL".

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