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The original story of Dr. Martens and the naming of the boots began in Germany in 1945. 25-year-old soldier Dr. Klaus Maertens suffered from a broken foot and developed a revolutionary, air-cushioned shoe sole because he wanted to recover faster. Until then, shoe soles had been made of hard leather, so he created a completely new approach to manufacturing shoes.
From 1947 to 1959, Dr. Maertens successfully sold his shoes in Germany with his business partner, but they still had little in common with today's boots. In 1959, the two no longer wanted to sell their shoes only in Germany, but wanted to go international. In 1960, they found a suitable partner in Great Britain, the company Gripps. Gripps made some changes that are still in use today, such as the yellow decorative stitching.

In the beginning, the shoe was worn and sold as a work boot, until the boots were taken up by the young English skinhead scene without any action on the part of Dr. Martens and were considered a statement of the movement. In the 1980s, the boots became world-famous and were considered an expression of personality. However, shortly before Dr. Martens' fortieth birthday, sales declined so much that insolvency threatened and only one last factory remained. In 2003, things started to look up again and the models were rejuvenated and made more fashionable.

Today, Dr. Martens is one of the world's largest boot manufacturers and is as hip as it has ever been. For a few years now, Dr. Martens has also been producing vegan shoes that are extremely durable and well-made. These are now also available at for vegans. Dr. Martens has its own code of conduct, which all suppliers must adhere to. This means that every person along the value chain should be treated and paid fairly. We think it's great that not only the suppliers are included, but also all companies that work as subcontractors for the suppliers. For example, the following points are regulated in the code: Prohibition of child labour, voluntary employment, fair wages, safe working conditions.

You can wear the vegan boots from Dr. Martens for many years. The upper material is not made from recycled materials like other manufacturers. But when you consider how incredible the durability is, the materials are well invested. The shoes are not just stitched to the sole, they are fused together.



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