Seads - sustainable vegan espadrilles, recycled and fair

Seads was born during a long walk on the beach after a stormy night. At the time, Agnes, founder and CEO and a good size 43 herself, was thinking about designing a shoe collection for big feet. A sudden flash of inspiration changed this concept completely: why not make shoes out of all the washed-up plastic rubbish lying around in the sand? And what better shoe to reinvent than the espadrille? Sunny, beachy, comfortable and for a happy, carefree summer feeling! And vegan espadrilles in particular are probably the eye-catcher par excellence.
The Seads espadrilles are designed to be recycled after wearing. The Seads are made from 100% recycled polyester yarn that contains upcycled marine plastic from the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. They donate a portion of the profit they make from each pair of Seads to projects working to find solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. They want to help clean up our oceans without compromising on style and quality.
However, the vegan espadrilles by Seads are not only recycled and CO2-saving, they are also produced fairly!



  • ‎€129
  • ‎€139
Zero waste
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled