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Noani - the vegan brand for corn leather belts and sneakers

Noani stands for "no animal" and represents the German label's commitment to animal love and vegan fashion. The brand produces fashionable and timeless accessories, such as vegan belts and vegan sneakers, from innovative and sustainable materials.

The idea for sustainable vegan belts was born in 2014. After 1.5 years of development, the right materials and manufacturers were found, so the vision of innovative, durable and vegan accessories could start.

No humans or animals should suffer or be exploited for the production of the products. The vegan sneakers and belts are manufactured in a small factory in Italy and Spain, the vegan sneakers in Portugal. Apple leather, eucalyptus fibres, pineapple fibres and recycled polyester are used. Transparency and social responsibility towards the workers play an important role in every step of the production process. We particularly like this sentence by Noani: "Unfortunately, cheap goods have a high price. However, it is not the buyers who have to pay this price, but the workers in the fields and in the factories, in the tanneries and in the dye works."



  • ‎€59.5
  • ‎€119
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled