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Paper & Sons – vegan and sustainable backpacks made from kraft paper

It all started with a piece of paper - looking for a backpack for everyday use, the founders of the brand found nothing that really met their expectations in terms of design, size, workmanship and, above all, exceptional material. This is exactly where the company's journey started and they create a backpack that is durable, innovative and ecological.

The main raw material for the paper backpack is wood. More specifically, long-fibre and slow-growing coniferous wood from FSC certified cultivation. This produces a type of paper with the highest strength, which is also water-repellent and tear-resistant. Kraft paper. The special properties of kraft paper make the paper backpack as hard-wearing as canvas. It can be washed by hand at 30°C. Many fashion companies focus on using leather and environmentally harmful plastics. "Fast fashion" has put speed and cost optimisation above the interest of the environment. Paper & Sons shows that there is a better and more sustainable way with kraft paper and natural and renewable raw materials.

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