PARUQ - Sustainable vegan backpacks made from kraft paper

Kraft paper looks and feels like leather, but is completely vegan! Unlike most vegan leather alternatives, the material is not mainly based on plastic but on a renewable resource: wood.

PARUQ want you to be able to combine the backpack with any outfit and for it to move  and that it moves beyond short-lived fashion fads. Subtle logo, simple colours, all pockets turned inwards. The idea was that it would still look good in 50 years. 
That's why they went for a minimalist design alongside high-quality materials. Because the most sustainable thing is to wear your favourite piece of clothing for as long as possible.

What's a sustainable backpack that doesn't last?
It may be made of more than 95% paper, but the combination with a small amount of latex makes your PARUQ backpack water-repellent and tear-resistant! 
Whether in a downpour or in the washing machine, your PARUQ will hold up and stay with you for a long time.

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