Infinite Running

Infinite Running – vegan gym & running shoes from Germany

Infinite Running is a young label that produces sustainable and vegan sports shoes in Germany!

Production takes place in Pirmasens, at a small family business. Nico is the founder of Infinite Running and has chosen Germany as the location for sustainable reasons: "A shoe that covers more kilometres on the foot than it travels in transit is, in my opinion, an ecological balance that makes sense!

Currently, the label offers two different product lines:

The "Runzzer" model is absolutely perfect for the gym and for jogging. You can also wear the Runzzer as a city sneaker because it is very comfortable.

The other product line is a professional running shoe whose concept is absolutely new and inspires us! The "Infinite One" model is a vegan running shoe that you can use for any terrain thanks to interchangeable sole modules. This versatility is already great, but the associated sustainability is even better! When the modules wear out, you can simply replace them with new ones and don't have to buy a new shoe. On average, a classic running shoe lasts 650-800 kilometres. The modules last up to 600 kilometres. So you can see how quickly the Infinite One pays off for you and the environment. Four different module types are offered: for asphalt, meadow, gravel and city. So athletes get four running shoes in one, save money in the long run and it's even good for the environment.



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Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social