Muroexe - stylish vegan sneakers for everyone

At Muroexe, functionality meets simple, aesthetic design. Founded on 12 January 2012, the company launched its first vegan shoe model in September 2013. The design, marketing and sales team is based in Madrid and works every day on new ideas and incorporates customer experiences into their designs.

Muroexe puts a lot of emphasis on the sustainable production of their sneakers. All shoe models are vegan and therefore made without animal materials. Creating a family environment for all employees is very close to Muroexe's heart. After months of searching for the right production site, the choice fell on a factory in Spain with 35 employees. Since the capacities there are now full, about 40% of the shoes are produced in China under fair conditions.

Muroexe's goal is not to bring countless models onto the market every year, but rather to strike a chord with the times and offer a unique shoe and product range.

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