Flamingo's Life
Flamingo's Life

Flamingos' Life - vegan shoes from Spain

Flamingos' Life is a purely vegan label from Spain and was founded with the aim of making the beautiful days of life unforgettable. With their vegan sneakers, they want to convey an attitude towards life that is characterised by the harmony between urban style and the ecological philosophy.
Their own factory is located on site in Elche (Spain) and the shoes are manufactured there. Flamingos' Life uses the most modern and sustainable materials, based for example on corn, bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.
The company is very committed, each sneaker collection supports a specific environment-related project. Flamingos' Life works with the EDEN REFORESTATION project, which plants trees in Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar, Indonesia and Mozambique. This project also supports the people of the countries, as they are paid fairly for the planting.
We like the authenticity of Flamingos' Life and their great overall concept!



  • ‎€74.96
  • ‎€99.95
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled