Etnies - vegan and sustainable skater shoes

Pierre-Andre, who still runs the company today, founded Etnies back in 1986. The owner is very authentic and down-to-earth, he leads his brand more and more towards sustainability and lives it himself. Since the beginning, Etnies has been closely interwoven with the skater culture and also lives this lifestyle as a company. The fact that the brand is still owned by a skateboarder today has led to a focus on making skate shoes that last extremely long, feature innovative materials like Michelin rubber, leave the smallest possible footprint and are just all-round cool.
Etnies is committed to the environment and projects, for example they donated 50,000 pairs of shoes to the homeless and have so far planted more than 2 million trees in the rainforest through the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree programme.



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Low CO2
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled