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Kumi Sneakers - Vegan sneakers made from corn leather

Alexandra and Sergio are the young founders of Kumi, they want to create sustainable fashion and that's how the idea for Kumi was born.

They both have the same interests: they are very lively, love to travel, to spend time in the mountains or at the beach, to discover new places. This is exactly the lifestyle they want to convey with their shoes and we think the shoes express exactly that!

We had the pleasure of meeting the founders in person, they are very sympathetic and it's absolutely fun to listen to them enthusiastically talk about their sneakers. Kumi's vegan sneakers are timeless, chic and made under fair and transparent conditions. The upper material is made from leftovers from the corn industry (corn leather)

Kumi stands up for the following values: 

  • Respect and love for animals: all Kuni shoes are 100% vegan.
  • Sustainable fashion industry: using vegan, sustainable and recycled materials with the aim of sustainable fashion
  • Supporting the local economy: reducing carbon footprint and building links with national businesses. 


  • ‎€12
  • ‎€89
Made in Europe
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled