Toms vegan espadrilles

Toms - vegan shoes, we have the vegan models

Blake Mycoskie is the founder and idea man behind Toms. Blake showed the right flair for business since his college days and opened his first business in college. In 2006 Blake flew to Argentina for a holiday, this trip changed his world view and also his approach to business.

He was shocked by the poverty of many locals, he found it upsetting that children didn't even have sturdy shoes and he wanted to change that. Also at the same time, Blake saw lightweight canvas shoes in Argentina, which he had never seen before. He combined his desire to help people with his "shoe discovery" and travelled back to America. In 2006, he launched his first collection in America.

These models from the first collection are still available today at Toms under the name "Alpargatas". At the end of 2006, he travelled to Argentina again with 10,000 pairs of shoes in his luggage, which were donated to children. In 2007, there were already 50,000 pairs. But Blake saw more essential needs in the world, so the Toms concept evolved accordingly. Today's numbers are impressive.

Since starting in 2006, TOMS has donated over 86 million pairs of shoes to children in need.

We only carry the vegan models from Toms.



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