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Solo Socks

Solo Socks - no more socks in pairs, mix and match as you like

With Solo Socks, the time of dull sock pairs is over, because here no two socks are alike! Each sock has its own design, yet they all fit together. No more searching for individual socks, just mix them!

Alex and Adam are the creative minds behind this sock revolution, they founded the company in Copenhagen in 2016. Everyone knows the mystery of individual socks disappearing. The founders jokingly say that this mystery can probably never be solved and they were therefore striving for a solution. The result is Solosocks! Individual socks that are vegan, fair and sustainable at the same time! Normally, the second sock is thrown away when the other matching one disappears or breaks. With Solosocks this is no longer necessary, so not only are the materials sustainable, but the whole concept. Sure, it's possible to buy only black socks, but individuality certainly takes a back seat. Today, socks are more than just a "necessity", they are part of the style and uniqueness of all of us. Solosocks says "We want to design socks that make you happy, that are different, that people notice and that just look great. Life is too short to wear black socks".
Only organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is used for the socks. The storage box and the packaging material are made of recyclable cardboard, which is produced by the manufacturer "Nilorn", it works according to the specifications of the "UN Global Compacts Sustainability". Solosocks are developed, quality-tested and packaged in Denmark. The socks are manufactured in Istanbul, the production has various European standards (ISO 9001, IS0 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).
Whether for yourself or as a gift, if you are looking for something special, Solosocks is the right choice.



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