Altercore shoes

Altercore - vegan shoes from Poland

Altercore is your brand for alternative vegan shoes and boots!

Founded in Poland in 2014, Altercore's roots are buried in punk and rock culture.

The name is made up of the words "alter(native)" and "core" and thus perfectly fits the character of the shoes. Altercore is an independent brand that always breaks new ground with its styles.

Creating a shoe that is alternative and at the same time suitable for everyday use is a fine balancing act that Altercore masters superbly! The shoes are not meant to be mass-produced by machines, but are made by people for people. If the production facilities in Poland cannot manufacture individual models, they are made in Portugal and Spain.

Altercore is not a purely vegan shoe brand, however they created their "Animal Friendly" line out of conviction. Altercore has the V-label of the "European Vegetarian Union" and has had several materials certified there. If you are looking for vegan shoes with a particularly good price-performance ratio, then Altercore is the right choice for you.



  • ‎€65.4
  • ‎€65.4
Made in Europe
Fair & social