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Urbànima – elegant vegan women’s shoes

Urbànima is a Valencian company passionately dedicated to the design and manufacture of 100% vegan women's shoes, made in Spain with the highest levels of quality and sustainability, and designed with slow fashion in mind.

With every step we take, we have the power to change our world and decide what kind of footprint we leave behind. Urbànima was born to recapture the magic of conscious steps, the friendly heartbeat of the city and the connection with everything that surrounds us. The brand's name is made up of the words "urbà" and "ànima", meaning "urban" and "soul", because you can be a lover of the dynamism of cities and wish for a better world at the same time.

Urbànima uses high-quality and innovative materials. Rice: How can rice be missing from a Valencian project? Every harvest year, more than 75,000 tonnes of rice straw waste are produced. Traditionally, the solution to this accumulation was to burn it, resulting in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Today, we can convert this rice straw waste into raw material and use the rice fibres to make soles.

Corn: Biopolyols are extracted from maize, which make it possible to produce very elastic fabrics that look like leather and feel very soft.

Cactus: The company Desserto uses the mature leaves of the Nopal cactus and, after cleaning and crushing them, turns them into a biodegradable, chemical-free fabric with a leather-like texture and a lifespan of more than 10 years.

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