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Vederwerk – the German label for vegan & sustainable bags

The label's slogan is "Vegan & Fashion", they want to illustrate the interplay of plant-based materials and fashion. Vederwerk sees the longevity of the bags as an important factor in sustainability, and the quality of the brand is absolutely outstanding. All materials are exclusively selected and are subject to strict criteria; cork, cactus leather, mango leather and grape leather are used. All these materials are not only vegan, but also renewable. The production and processing of plant-based materials requires up to 90% less water and emits significantly less CO² emissions than the extraction of animal-based materials. The products are shipped Co2-neutral and with biobiene-certified packaging material.

Vederwerk's Classic collection consists of a bag base and interchangeable flaps. By changing the bag flap, a single bag can be transformed into many styles and adapted to any outfit.



  • ‎€35
  • ‎€140
Plastic free
Made in Europe
Fair & social