Bella Storia
Bella Storia vegan shoes

Bella Storia - vegan shoes from italy

Bella Storia was founded in 2013 by Fabio Derosa and his wife Vanna as a purely vegan brand. Both live vegan themselves out of love for animals. This led to their desire to produce vegan shoes that are not only fashionable but also reflect the natural character of Italy.
Bella Storia is based in Tuscany, from design to cutting and sewing, everything takes place centrally there. They work with small manufacturers who still offer real handicraft.
The name "Bella Storia" has two different meanings in Italian, it means "Beautiful Story" and in slang "Cool". When Fabio presented his shoes to us, he wrote the following: "For us as vegans, it is a passion to make handmade shoes vegan. That's why we named our brand "Bella Storia". A beautiful story born from the passion of a couple." Bella Storia makes many different styles of shoes, from sneakers to pumps and boots.
They use ecological microfibre and vegan leather. Furthermore, they use many other natural fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and nettles. For the lining they use organic cotton or bamboo, because the foot should preferably have contact with natural materials.
The complete Bella Storia brand is certified with the Peta Vegan Approved seal.



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