IKON Sweden

Ikon Sweden - vegan accessories made from innovative materials

IKON Sweden is a high-quality vegan leather brand based in Stockholm. All items are vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly. All products are designed with the aim of providing a stylish choice for both men and women, while being kind to the environment. The founder Kamal, comes from a family of leather makers and exporters wanted to start his own leather company in Stockholm. He has always been attracted to leather because it feels high quality and luxurious. But the more he looked into the processes, the more he realised that he had never thought about the animals, the environment, the toxicity and the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.
This realisation inspired him Ikon Sweden, but instead of leather he chose vegan plant-based materials. Vegan and plant-based materials include coconut, cactus, apple and PU.



  • ‎€49
  • ‎€140
Plastic free
Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled