duuo vegan sneakers

Duuo - vegan sneakers from Spain

Duuo is a cool and purely vegan shoe label from Spain, all shoes are made locally. Their credo is "revolution" and that refers to the materials and fair production. The sneakers are not only mega stylish but also extremely comfortable.

Duuo was not founded as a vegan company, but they have evolved like society, they realised that there are great alternative materials and that no one has to suffer for the shoe production - neither animals, humans, nor the environment.

Today they use breathable microfibre, recycled PET cups and organic cotton. We particularly love this statement from Duuo: "We are committed to using ever more sustainable and ethical materials and eco-friendly manufacturing methods to ensure responsible consumption. We are proud to be able to do all this without sacrificing the style, distinctive design and good vibes that set us apart."



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Fair & social
Re- / Upcycled