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MATES OF NATURE - sustainable vegan handbags made from cork

MATES OF NATURE is a young fashion label from Cologne, Germany. The name is a statement for nature, environment, design, fashion, creativity, quality and friendship. Everything that stands for their passion in life.

With your MATES OF NATURE cork bag or purse, you will receive a designer piece that is 100% animal-free (no leather or other animal materials), mostly made from the nature-based material cork and produced locally in Portugal, the country of cork.

Why is cork the ideal alternative to leather?

Regardless of whether you live vegan or not, there are good reasons to use cork as a leather alternative. Leather can cause allergies and can be carcinogenic due to the partially toxic chemical leather tanning. As a consumer, however, you rarely notice this and you can hardly protect yourself.

With our designer handbags and wallets made of cork you get an ideal alternative, because cork is anti-allergic, a natural material and on top of that 100% vegan.



  • ‎€69
  • ‎€89
Made in Europe
Low CO2
Fair & social