N'go – social and vegan sneakers

N'go is not simply a sustainable sneaker brand, it is a "social business" in which all participants are paid fairly and in which the well-being of all contributors is paramount. N'go is a symbiosis of French design and traditional craftsmanship from Vietnam.

The patterns typical for the sustainable sneakers are woven by hand on self-made looms. Due to industrialisation, there are fewer and fewer traditional manufactories; N'go creates secure jobs. The company is committed to social projects, such as co-financing schools in Vietnam. Especially in rural regions, access to education is very limited, which is why N'go's work is very valuable.

The sneakers are very durable due to the craftsmanship, and the sustainable materials that are used. Each shoe is unique, as each fabric is made by hand.

A day of a contributor: Lò Thi Chanh has two children and is 42 years old, she has been working with N'go since the beginning. Here she tells us about a typical day, which is only possible because of the fair working conditions: "I get up at 6 am to take care of my children before they go to school. We have breakfast every morning as a family (the famous Pho soup). Then I go to the cooperative around 7:30am, where I work with the other weavers until 11am. At noon I go home and cook before I usually take a nap. Then I return to the cooperative at 2pm and weave until 5pm. At 5.30pm I come home to take care of the housework and dinner. The evenings end with my family in front of the TV before I go to bed. I'm happy to work for N'go because it allows me to divide my time between work and family."

N'go stands for social sneakers that are also sustainable, with us you can find the vegan models. Each shoe is unique, as each fabric is made by hand.



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Low CO2
Fair & social